Comanche Maintenance

We at Heritage Aero have a soft spot in our heart for Comanches. The owner of Heritage Aero entered the general aviation maintenance business in 1982 and has continued to work on numerous Comanches over the past 40 years. 

Throughout the years, we have built the expertise among our staff to maintain, repair, and modify these classic planes. 

"Questions about Tail Horn AD2012-17-06?" 

We have completed numerous inspections and new installs per AD2012-17-16. We can inspect your current horn or we can install a new Piper horn.  Better yet, we can install the approved Australian Horn which is a terminating action for the AD!


Call about our Australian Horn/Torque Tube Build up program! Send us your current torque tube/horn assembly and we will rebuild it with the Australian horn and ship it back to your mechanic for installation!


Need answers to this or any other maintenance question?


Please contact Cliff Wilewski, ICS Maintenance Advisor with your questions.

Yes, Australian horns are now


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